Mantra Healing

Imagine using sound to heal others....


Mantra is pure essential energy of sound. Sound in this manifestation has infinite potential to help others. When reciting a mantra for healing purposes, you connect and manipulate very subtle energies, which are used in Tibetan Mantra Healing.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word - ‘To save the mind from suffering and illness’. The Tibetan term for Mantra is Ngak and practitioners are called Ngakpa.


Traditional Tibetan Medicine uses mantra healing to address different types of diseases or clinical suffering

This course is open to all who want to learn sound therapy


We offer a two-day experiential workshop, teaching healing through the powerful world of sound vibrations produced by sacred mantras.


Mantra Healing introduces you to the vast, profound world of Traditional Tibetan medicine, and how mantras are used in medical and spiritual healing. The taught mantras range from general protection to specialised ones to treat different physical ailments, emotional balances, or spiritual healing.


Taught here in the context of Tibetan healing practices, this two-day intensive workshop covers the principles and practice of how mantras can be used to cure general and specific disorders aimed at bringing internal harmony to the body and mind.




Mantras are especially effective against negative planetary influences (known as gZa) which may result in conditions such as mental confusion, anxiety, insomnia, results of bipolar condition, epilepsy, or stroke. The Tibetan text of the Four Root Tantras makmany references to their use in spiritual healing and ritual.

Knowing and using mantras for treatment is especially helpful to practitioners of Ku Nye external therapies, or to any therapist or individual keen to learn how infusing healing materials - oils, shells, stones - can powerfully amplify their healing properties during therapy sessions.


This practical workshop teaches you the origin of mantras, the different ways they can be used, and how their positive effects can be further enhanced through singing bowls and other precious stones. 


Participants may continue to the additional day for mantra accumulation.


NB: It is important to be vegetarian while on this course


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Course Outline


  • Mantra Healing in Tibetan healing practices and its origin
  • Importance of Cleansing
  • Key Mantras
  • Using Mantras to cure specific disorders
  • Malas, Mantras and Precious Stones
  • Singing Bowls in Mantra Healing​


Course details and fee:


Date: TBA

Time: 10am to 4pm.


Fee:   £ TBA 


Early Booking £ TBA 


Workshop location: Chiswick (West London).


Due to limited numbers for this workshop, your place can only be confirmed upon payment





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