Ku Nye Level 1  teaches fundamental  principles of Tibetan medicine, study of  meridians, basic Tibetan massage techniques, and how to treat hot and cold body conditions.


Participants learn how to use and mix oils based on a body’s constitution, apply a wide variety of treatments for common ailments from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain, to sleeplessness, depression, and stress.  Diet and lifestyle are taught to maintain a sound body and mind.


Level 1.1 (5 days)



  • Introduction to Sowa Rigpa -Tibetan external therapies and Ku Nye massage
  • Cosmology, five elements, humors and sub-humors,
  • Energy Typology
  • Basic constitutional analysis and diagnostics through observation and palpation
  • Breathing exercises to purify the body’s channels and negative emotions
  • Postures and basic Tibetan therapeutic yoga and meditation
  • Ku: Uses and applications of herbal oils
  • Nye: Introduction to Tibetan energy points and various massage techniques
  • Chi: Methods of oil removal using herbal powders and other techniques


Level 1.2 (5 days)


  • Basic Anatomy and Energy Body
  • Meridians of Tibetan Medicine
  • Levels of body tissues, solid and hollow organs, sense organs
  • Treatment protocols
  • Practical Training
  • Simple methods of relaxation
  • Hot and cold compress therapy
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Shell, gemstone and salt therapies
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Benefits and contraindications to Ku Nye Therapies


At the end of Level 1, students have a good working knowledge of how to incorporate Ku Nye as a useful massage technique and the type of oils and herbs to use based on a person's specific body type.


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