La Energy Healing

A traditional approach to promote sleep, relieve insomnia and pregnancy discomforts, and ease the time before stressful events

LA energy healing uses subtle sound to treat common modern ailments such as anxiety and insomnia. It's also used by Tibetan doctors to treat acute imbalances such as depression and hypertension.


In Tibetan Medicine, LA is the precious inner life force present within each of us. When in balance we have good physical health and mental well-being. 





Knowing how to rebalance your La is an important skill that everyone should have.


The last few years have created powerful imbalances, resulting in insomnia amongst young children, and anxiety and depression in adults. 


This workshop teaches the use of LA vibrational sound healing on energy points of the body. You will learn how the moon cycle and lunar energy affect different LA points on the body and how to activate and balance these points with sound vibration and the use of the Tibetan singing bowl.

Participants will spend time working in pairs to experience the subtle effects of LA. You will also be taught key mantras and purification techniques as part of the practice. 


This workshop is suitable for all and does not require any knowledge of Tibetan medicine


Testimonial for the bLa course


I attended a course on bLA sound healing with Evelyn at IATTM.


I was very impressed by the teaching, I found the whole subject fascinating, and yet I knew that I was only being introduced to a small part of this vast Healing Science.


There was a short introduction to the origins of Tibetan Medicine and the links to shamanism and then I was introduced to chants and tones for practice.


The points of LA were shown to me on a chart, we looked at the lunar connection and we discussed how one can protect ourselves in a positive way for well-being.


Before the end, I had a chance to apply and practice the healing method which was a calming and profound experience.


I can see myself returning to learn more and I highly recommend the LA Healing course to others that are looking for a natural and effective addition to complement their practice, or even just to align oneself with a positive and joyous healing energy.


Tracy Ferriss 11/07/2017


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