Kunlun Taoist Golden Dragon

the simplest is the hardest

Kunlun Nei Gung™ is Golden Dragon Enlightenment as taught by Taoist masters long ago.


Previously taught only through single teacher-student transmissions, this lost art is now made available through the work of famous Kunlun master Max Christensen - a direct recipient since childhood of the teachings of many powerful Kunlun teachers and various traditions.


Through carefully selected teacher-apprentices who are licensed to teach, this simple yet life changing art is now available in London.


Whether you are interested in developing yourself energetically and spiritually, or merely looking to stay fit and happy, learning Kunlun Nei Gung™ will deepen your awareness and connection with the world around you, and strengthen your own energetic practice no matter where you are at the present moment. 


Your teacher

Evelyn, an apprentice-teacher of Kunlun Nei Gung™ is a keen practitioner of this ancient art to self-enlightenment, studying directly under Max Christensen for many years. She has taught Kunlun classes in Singapore, London and Porto to learners of all ages.


Her other practices include being a yoga practitioner since her early 20’s and teaching yoga and meditation to hundreds of students.


She is also a long time practitioner and teacher of traditional Tibetan therapies such as Ku Nye and currently lives in London. She teaches at the College of Psychic Studies.


The only certified Kunlun facilitator in London, she looks forward to teaching this joyous system of golden dragon enlightenment.




Charges you energetically, building strong mind and body


Opens your wisdom eye, developing your psychic abilities 


Not suitable for:


Anyone aged 18 or under


On regular medication


Alcohol or drug dependency


Recovery from surgery or cancer


Diagnosed bipolar




Course details and fee:


Time: 10am to 5pm.

Fee:    £135 


Workshop location: Chiswick (West London).


Maximum of 8 participants.


Due to limited numbers for this workshop, your place can only be confirmed upon payment


Registrations opening soon. For more details or course dates please  email us



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