Ku Nye Level One Course Outline -  6-Day Course


1-3 September 2023, followed a break for practice, then 22-24 September 2023


£750 (added fee if using Eventbrite)



Kew Bridge (West London)


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Ku Nye Therapy is a core practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Ku Nye massage uses the understanding of the body’s energy to bring balance and health. There are different techniques, using herbal infused oils to treat a variety of physical and mental conditions.


Ku Nye Level One is very suitable for any qualified or existing therapist to learn the essentials of doing Ku Nye massage to complement existing skills. You will learn the fundamental principles of Tibetan Medicine and how to perform deeply satisfying Ku Nye sessions for your client.


Ku Nye Level One is also suitable for those with no previous massage or therapy experience who wish to learn how to provide relief from pain or stress.






  • Introduction to Sowa Rigpa, Tibetan external therapies, and Ku Nye massage
  • The Five Elements and Three Humours
  • Level One constitutional analysis
  • Level One diagnostics through observation and palpation
  • Breathing and Purification
  • Meridians of Tibetan Medicine



  • Uses of herbal oils and applications
  • Techniques of Ku - applying and penetrating oil
  • Facilitated joint movements
  • Therapeutic application of heat or cold







  • Introduction to Tibetan energy points
  • The meridians
  • Channel massage techniques - external and internal


  • Methods of oil removal


  • Introduction to advanced techniques: methods for stress and pain removal to different parts of the body - Hot stones, shell, compress therapy techniques



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