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Right now, you can become a Ku Nye Therapist


Ku Nye originated from the ancient Kingdom of Tibet and is indigenous to the Tibetan medical tradition.


Ku means ‘to apply’ or anoint the body with therapeutic oils to be absorbed through the skin. Nye refers to the actual massage.


Nye Techniques include kneading, rubbing and pressing muscles and tendons, and the application of pressure to various points and channels.


Our Ku Nye courses are taught by trained, experienced and practising Ku Nye therapists 


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Ku Nye helps maintain or restore harmonious balance. It can be combined with other external therapies such as moxabustion, stick therapy, cupping, Lum bathing therapy, stone and shell massage, and compresses.


The rejuvenating and restorative benefits of Ku Nye are mentioned in many original Tibetan texts including the Bum Shi, Gyud Shi and Ton Huang medical text.


Benefits include eliminating stored toxins in the body, increased vitality, reducing or alleviating different types of pain, and calming nervous disorders such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.


Ku Nye is particularly effective on deeply ingrained pain resulting from imbalances elsewhere in the body, and facilitates the overcoming of grief and traumatic experiences.

To fully qualify in Ku Nye there are three levels of certified training.


You do not need to go through all three levels to be able to offer a basic Ku Nye massage. Level 1 is enough to learn how to do it properly.


If you wish to continue with a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of how to use Ku Nye in various ways, then you can complete Levels 2 and 3.

Ku Nye Level 1  teaches fundamental  principles of Tibetan medicine, the study of meridians, basic Tibetan massage techniques, and how to treat hot and cold body conditions.


Participants learn how to use and mix oils based on a body’s constitution, and apply a wide variety of treatments for common ailments, from rheumatoid arthritis and chronic back pain, to sleeplessness, depression, and stress.  Diet and lifestyle are taught to maintain a sound body and mind.


Level 1a (3 days)



  • Introduction to Sowa Rigpa -Tibetan external therapies and Ku Nye massage
  • Cosmology, the five elements, and the three humors 
  • Level 1 constitutional analysis and diagnosis through observation and palpation
  • Breathing and purification
  • Meridians of Tibetan Medi
  • Ku: Uses of herbal oils and applications 
  • Facilitated joint movements
  • Therapeutic applications of heat or cold


Level 1b (3 days)


  • Nye: Introduction to Tibetan energy points and various massage techniques
  • The meridians
  • Channel Massage techniques
  • Chi: Methods of oil removal using herbal powders and other techniques
  • Introduction to advanced techniques: methods for stress and pain removal to different parts of the body - Hot stones, shell, compress therapy techniques


At the end of Level 1, students will have a good working knowledge of how to incorporate Ku Nye as a useful massage technique, and the type of oils and herbs to use based on a person's specific body type.


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