Tibetan and Holistic Healing Practices in 2023


Ku Nye Therapy Certification Level 1 (2 parts)

Restores the balance of subtle human energy lost from stress of living in today's world

La Energy Healing

Tibetan Sound Healing workshop

Kunlun Taoist Golden Dragon 

Heart-based qigong

Mantra Healing

Powerful Tibetan vocalisation practice

Tibetan HorMe Therapy

 Make-your-own Tibetan HorMe therapy workshop

Webinars and Talks

Bite sized learning

IATTM works to preserve the traditions of Traditional Tibetan Medicine through courses run by certified practitioners.


Now, this knowledge can be passed on to you through one of our courses.


If you are a therapist or practice a medical discipline, a holistic specialist or healer, or simply want to learn a practical skill that can really help others - like pain management and better mental health - then please take a little time to go through this site and you may find what you've been looking for.













Ku Nye course - Level 1


Level 1 Programme in London 


This is an intensive course where you will learn Tibetan Ku Nye external therapies


If you are:


  • Looking for a connection with Tibetan healing practices
  • A therapist wanting to learn traditional methods of beauty enhancement, using only what nature offers
  • Interested in developing new techniques for pain management, holistic wellness, grief, mental stability, or general ailments 
  • Wanting to incorporate acupressure, cupping, hot and cold stone therapy, moxibustion, mantra healing, stick tapping, or shell therapy into your current practice


then this course is what you are looking for.


Ku Nye Level 1 is divided into two 3-day sessions - Level 1a and Level 1b, with an interval in between to give you the opportunity to practice


For more details and registration please contact us or call 07447412549


We require a minimum of 4 people to run this course


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