Nejang Yoga

These yogic exercises from the Tibetan medical tradition have been used for centuries to promote healing, cleansing the body, and balancing internal energies.


While Nejang used to be a secret practice, it can be learned by anyone. It is also a used as preparation for higher levels of yogic practices - not yoga in the commonly understood sense, but yoga in spiritual enlightenment.


This system has traditionally been used by Tibetan physicians from the Kalachakra region and is a recommended exercise for patients. There are specific exercises for different conditions, and to balance the different internal energies in the body.


According to the original ancient text, this practice unblocks knots in the channels, and pacifies diseases in the body and mind. It also has the power to eliminate and protect the practitioner from provocations and help to achieve spiritual realisation.


Nejang is especially useful for holistic and yoga therapists. The majority of the exercises are very gentle and suitable even for the very old. Many are complementary to spiritual practice and meditation, others are to strengthen the physical core, and all have specific applications to chronic conditions.


This course  can run with a minumum of 12 participants.

with foreword by Robert Thurman


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