Dream Yoga goes back a long way...


Tibetan culture has a very long lineage in dream studies, covering medical and spiritual purposes.


Tibetan doctors follow a well practised method, based on Tantric spritual tradition and Traditional Tibetan Medicine which focus on the relationship between dreams and health, based on three basic components - consciousness, the subtle rLung enrgies, and the chakras and channels.


Dream studies traditionally include purifying and strengthening practices for the chakras and channels, lucid dreaming practices, and dream analysis.


Dream Studies - Level 1


This course allows you to immerse yourself relatively easily into Tibetan dream studies. Level 1 includes:


  • Consciousness as defined by Tibetan culture: the different divisions of consciousness and their functions
  • rLung energy – the subtle vitalising energy, their divisions and functions. The Five Elements, their energies and functions in the body
  • Chakras and channels in the body – their functions and relationship to dreams
  • The relationship between Consciousness, rLung energies, Chakras and channels
  • The manner in which dreams manifest and how we experience dreams through the five sense organs
  • The relationship between Dreams and Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • The relationship between Time and Dreams
  • The theory and analysis of dreams in Healthy people: Experience of the Dream; The meaning of Symbols in our dreams
  • The theory and analysis of dreams in sick people: diagnosis using dreams
  • An introduction to Dream Work: How dreams can be utilised for curing blockages of energy and mind
  • Dreams and Spiritual practice. Understanding the difference between ordinary, symbolic and prophetic dreams
  • An introduction to Dream Yoga – the most profound study and practice of Dreams in the Tibetan tradition



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